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Guide to Purchasing Air Conditioning Auto Parts

There are two ways to search for automotive air conditioning parts: By Vehicle or By Part. Vehicle searches are usually the easiest way and extremely accurate for passenger vehicles. In order to find the part by vehicle you will need to know the Year, Make, Model, Submodel, Engine Type, and Engine Size. For example, 2012 (Year) Honda (Make) Accord (Model) EX (Submodel) V6 (Engine Type) 3.5L (Engine Size). Then, use the vehicle filter search tool to identify the correct part. Pay attention to fitment notes if any as they may determine the correct part. Part number searches are most helpful when the vehicle is rare, very old, heavy duty, or agriculture. Part numbers can be found on the original compressor that is getting replaced. If you do not have the compressor off of the vehicle, use a phone to take a picture.
Sometimes identifying the correct parts for the air conditioning system can get really tricky if the vehicle is really old, really new, or if it is numbers are rubbed off and it is a heavy duty, agricultural, or off-road vehicle. Our Senior Sales Associates can help you identify the parts with pictures and additional information. Below are the steps: 1. Call 1-800-208-6267. 2. Ask to speak with a senior sales associate. They will then double check multiple catalogs and/or ask for pictures and additional information from the replacement parts.
All automotive air conditioning compressors require the correct type of oil, commonly known as PAG Oil. There primarily 4 types of PAG Oil available: PAG 46, PAG 100, PAG 150, and Dielectric PAG. Dielectric PAG is specifically for hybrid and electric compressors. PAG 46 is the most common. The difference among 46, 100, and 150 is the viscosity. Select the correct type of pag for your vehicle. Also, make sure to add the correct amount of oil for your a/c system. Too much or too little oil is bad for your air conditioning system.
Always replace the seals with new ones where you are replacing a part.
Compressor Replacement Kits include 5 pieces: Compressor, drier, expansion device, seal kit, and oil. There is also a kit with condenser option often time, which includes the compressor, condenser with drier attached, expansion device, seal kit, and oil.
If you plan on getting the part installed by someone else make sure to negotiate your labor prior to purchasing parts. **Most Importantly - Ask your installer to include labor warranty. This is incredibly important as it gives him incentive to do the job correctly. You likely need to pay extra for this labor warranty, so do it! When you purchase the parts yourself, the shop is losing out on an additional revenue stream, the parts markup. So, if it is not already included, make a deal with your tech or shop to pay an additional fee for labor warranty. Keep in mind, some shops or mechanics are okay with outside parts while others are not.