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Receiver Driers and Accumulators

Receiver Driers and Accumulators must always be replaced when you service or replace your compressor. In fact, you must replace the receiver driers and accumulators to receive valid warranty when you purchase compressors.

The receiver drier or accumulator act as a filtering device and removes moisture from the ac system. Too much moisture can damage the ac system. Also, debris can damage the ac system.

A very simple way to think replacing the receiver drier or accumulator is an oil change. When you get your oil changed you always replace your filter. The same thing goes for a compressor. When you replace a compressor you always change the receiver drier or accumulator.

Receiver Drier

You will find the receiver drier on the high side of the system or attached to the condenser. Inside of each receiver drier is a desiccant that removes moisture. The receiver drier goes on systems with an expansion valve.

Also, often cases you see the receiver drier attached directly to the condenser. It is much easier to replace the entire condenser as opposed to replacing the desiccant inside the receiver drier.

We have all types in stock for all type of vehicles. Always replace the receiver drier when you service your ac or replace your compressor.


You will find the accumulator on the low side of the system. It is a little larger than a receiver drier. In addition, the accumulator is found on systems using a orifice tube.

We have all types of accumulators and accumulators with hoses in stock.


The desiccant’s role is to remove moisture from the ac system. You will find desiccant inside receiver driers and accumulators.

The only reason you would want to purchase the desiccant by itself is to save money. However, you will most likely pay more in your time or labor. Replacing the desiccant in a receiver drier often requires welding.

All Vehicles

Auto Compressor World all types of receiver driers, accumulators, and desiccants for all types of vehicles including passenger, heavy duty, off road, agricultural, fleet, custom, and construction vehicles.

Use our vehicle lookup tool to find your correct receiver drier or accumulator. Or call us. We can help you identify the correct parts with the correct fitment immediately.

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