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Electronic Control Valves

We stock Electronic Control Valves for all types of compressors. Also known as the ECV. It is very common for the electronic control valve on the compressor to stop working properly causing your ac to stop working.

Also, not all compressor have an ECV.


Electronic Control Valves control the amount of freon that goes through your ac system. Technically, the function of this valve is to reduce pressure. In addition, ECVs are typically controlled by a CPU on board.

Identifying the Correct Fit

Choosing the correct ECV is easy. Use our year, make, and model search tool to find your ECV.


Installing an electronic control valve is simple. Typically, it is a spring lock. However, we have trained staff who are able to install your ECV for a small fee. Contact your nearest store for more information.

Auto Compressor World knows ac compressors and Electronic Control Valves. So, purchase your ECV here today for less. Find your part online. Or, call us today!

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