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We stock all types of compressor oils. Remember, always add the correct type and amount of lubricant to your ac system.

Also, the best way to determine the correct type of pag oil is to use our year, make, and model lookup tool.

Again, always use the correct amount and type of ac lubricant.

Pag Oils

Pag oils are used on all non-electric or non-hybrid compressor systems. Each vehicle has a specific type of pag suggested by the manufacturer. We stock:

  • Pag 46.
  • Pag 100.
  • And, Pag 150.

The most common type of compressor lubricant is pag 46. Also, the difference between the 3 types is the viscosity.

Double End-Capped vs Single End-Capped

Auto Compressor World stocks both double and single end-capped pag oils. The difference has to do with the process during refining. We consider the double-end capped oil a higher quality oil. However, either oil type will work within your ac system.

Dielectric Pag

If your ac system has a electric compressor you must use dielectric pag. If you use regular pag oil you will damage your system. Remember, the easiest way to choose the correct oil is by using our year, make, and model lookup.

Auto Compressor World know compressor oils. Buy your ac system lubricants here for less. High quality, low prices. Or, call us today!

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