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Compressor Kit

Replace your compressor the easy with our vehicle compressor kits. Each and every kit is designed to include all of the correct parts that are required for proper installation of your automotive ac compressor. So, purchase the kit so you can be sure your ac works after you are done with installation.

Basic Compressor Kits
Again, we design all parts in every kit to fit an exact vehicle. So, from the compressor to the correct amount and type of pag oil, when you purchase the kit for your vehicle you will have all of the required parts for a proper installation. Basic kits include 5 pieces.
the compressor,the drier, accumulator, or desiccant,the expansion device,seal kit,and PAG Oil or compressor lubricant.

Vehicle Compressor Kits with Condenser
You will find Vehicle Compressor Kits with Condenser available when the condenser has the drier attached. We strongly suggest you choose this kit if available. Consider the following:
You will find it is much easier than replacing the desiccant,You can save a lot of time,And, most condensers with a drier attached cannot be flushed

So, when you make your buying decision, make the right one. Purchase the kit so you can be confident your compressor will work once the job is complete. Over 3,000 compressor kits are available for you today.

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